Is he going to pop the question???

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You have spent a considerable amount of time with the person you love, you realize that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. However, unfortunately, the female race is not willing to let things pan out on their own, because after all, if we are to follow the stereotypes of a proposal, we have to wait for it, instead of doing anything about it. But if you have a pretty good hunch that your man is going to propose to you, here are 11 signs that clearly mean he is going to pop the question:

His cell phone is out of bounds for you

Although initially you might be taken aback by the fact that he is hiding stuff from you (because you never hide stuff from each other, period), you will realize that your man is incapable of cheating. So if he flies off the handle even if you want to check your reflection on his cell phone surface, chances are, there are multiple pictures and messages related to a certain blingy object on there.

He starts getting nervous every time you ask him a question

Because you and your boyfriend have spent the longest time being completely honest with each other, he sucks at keeping secrets, which is why he gets nervous and avoids eye contact every time you ask probing questions, lest he lets slip the big surprise.

Your boyfriend has no money for anything

If you are getting annoyed at your suddenly spendthrift boyfriend, don’t fret, because he is trying to save up as much as he can for the big ring.

You see him going out of his way to make you feel special

If your boyfriend has decided that it is absolutely important for you to know how special you are, and how much he loves you, and you find unexpected presents being delivered to your house and your office, then you should know that he is going to pop the question and soon!

You get way too many calls and coy looks from your family

Family members you haven’t heard from in a really long time start calling and every time you meet your immediate family they look at you as if you are the one hiding some big secret, with their coy smiles and beaming eyes. If your weird fam has become even weirder, chances are he has already asked them for their approval.

He is disturbingly interested in your opinion about marriage

Whether one of your friends got married, or you attended a wedding together, he wants to know everything you feel about getting married and weddings and engagements.

He makes sure that you know he would be an amazing life partner

Not only does he go out of his way to make you feel special, but indirectly he also ensures that you know that he is the best catch, and no one would be a better life partner than him. I mean, you already know that right? Chances are, he is paving the way for an immediate acceptance of his proposal.

A couple of things have started going missing from your jewellery box

So you suddenly can’t find the ring (or rings) that you had kept inside your jewellery box? Consider that a blatant sign of a proposal because the sweet thing might have borrowed it to get your measurements.

He suddenly loves going shopping with you but is never actually around

Usually, your boyfriend would do anything to get out of going shopping with you, but recently, he has been a little too suspiciously enthusiastic at the prospect of shopping, and when you are actually out and about, he seems to disappear mysteriously.

He makes plans for a romantic getaway

Even if he isn’t planning a vacation, you might suddenly find him dressed up to take you out on a date at a high-end restaurant and you seem to have the best time. Although this isn’t a very subtle hint, this is definitely a sure-shot indicator that your man will be descending on one knee very soon.

You find the ring by mistake

Honestly though, shame on you for snooping because the surprise would have blown your mind.

Frankly speaking, when it comes to keeping secrets and taking big decisions, so figuring out whether he is going to pop the question is not going to be difficult at all.




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