Ek Trou Fitting policies

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Before you even step foot inside a bridal boutique, you need to prepare. Ek Trou Bridal will help you will all of your difficult decisions.

You'll want to have a vision (or, at the very least, an idea of what styles and shapes you like)

Remember to wear the proper underwear (you're basically going to be naked in front of a stranger!), and, of course, gather up your bride tribe. AND the most important item to bring to your appointment is... an open mind!

Here is just some tips!

A strapless bra — to give you the versatility to try on all gown styles. You may buy a specific nude or white bra or bustier and a slip after selecting your gown.

Shoes the same height you'll wear on your wedding day.

The hairstyle you plan on (or are thinking of) wearing on your wedding day. If you're undecided on a 'do, then you can plan one around the kind of dress you get.

Photos of dress styles you like. If nothing comes to mind, bring a photo of a celebrity style icon for inspiration.

You are welcome to have a look at some of our Wedding Collections, Bridesmaid Dresses on our facebook page, but for any Fitting Appointment please Book Your Appointment with us In advance.

If you would like to take a little extra time with Your Appointment and enjoy a little more relaxed Atmosphere, we recommend you arrange to come in and view gowns on a weekday Fittings can be booked online

Weekday Fittings:   Tuesday - Friday -  15PM – 19PM. 

Saturday Fittings 10 AM – 13PM

If you purchase or place order a dress during your fitting, then your appointment will be Free of Charge.

Our Appointment Fee and Times differ according to what you are interested in and needs to be paid in advance to secure your booking:

Wedding Gown Fitting                                   R150

Bridesmaid Fittings                                        R100

There is no limit to dresses you can try on as long as we stay in the booking time. We are also available after hours to accommodate every busy bride’s schedule. All consultations are by appointment only and allow brides to fully emerge in a personal shopping experience.

Please don’t ware any make up, as this will smudge on to our dresses and then will need to be dry-cleaned.

You can complete your entire look in one appointment. You will find all your accessories (veils, headpieces,  jewellery etc.)

We must assist you in the dressing room. Why? because our dresses need utmost care and attention. If you do not wish one-on-one help then we cannot allow you to try on any of our Beautiful Gowns.

If we are fully booked and you want to come try on our gowns, We recommend you email us to be added to a wait list. (

We love little ones, but we asked you kindly to leave them at home. If you are bringing children, you need to arrange with us before your appointment and we would suggest a weekday appointment.

We will appreciate if you arrive on time, the booking slots is only one hour and if you are late then your time will be limited.

If you would like to cancel your appointment or reschedule, you can do so 3 days in advance to not lose your booking fee.

Due to the fact that dresses tried on too small can strain and or break our zippers you must understand you cannot try on dresses smaller than your size! Ek Trou Bridal will determine if certain size dresses can be tried on This is done to protect our dresses from being pulled and/ or stained.

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